TOR Hosting also provide hosting services. You can have your own hidden .onion address in less than 1 hour.

What you get:

  • FTP Access
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited Traffic/Visits
  • Optional WordPress/Joomla CMS installed
  • Unlimited number of email accounts

How much we charge ?

  • 1 Month Package – $30 USD
  • 3 Month Package – $55 USD
  • 6 Month Package – $85 USD
  • 1 Year Package – $110 USD

There are no hidden costs, no tricks, no advertising lingo, no ID or other documents required. We are providing this service because we can, not because we make money on it. The money we make only cover the cost of operating servers and drinking beer afterwards. Please bear that in mind.

Also be sure to checkout TORHOSTING.INFO for additional service. We’re reselling for those guys, and so far they’ve been just plain awesome.
Proper hosting quality is something that always lacked on TOR, and all our customers had only good words. Check them out. We featured their website all over ours.

Contact us through our Contact form to apply, or find out more.

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