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Search Engines on TOR

List of Search Engines (you can only access these through TOR browser)

http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/ – DuckDuckGo Search Engine
http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/ – TORCH – Tor Search Engine
http://p3igkncehackjtib.onion/ – TorProject Media
http://kbhpodhnfxl3clb4.onion/ – Tor Search
http://cipollatnumrrahd.onion/ – Cipolla 2.0 (Italian)

Secret Financial Services on TOR – featured

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Buy PayPal accounts, Hacked bank accounts, Skimmed Credit Cards (you can only access these through TOR browser)
http://hjz7jaahq5jp3txt.onion/ – All About Benjamin’s – Open Marketplace for Credit Cards, PayPal Accounts
http://o6klk2vxlpunyqt6.onion/ – Cheap Euro’s – 20 Euro Counterfeit bills
http://dbqn3sqrmqyfy3xb.onion/ – Fake Bills – Fake USD/EUR Bills, shipping WorldWide
http://ppcc7a6osiplba2i.onion/ – 7 Yrs in Tibet – Fully automated PayPal & Credit card market site. Fresh stock every 2 days. Best deals.
http://upv3wvf6sikfiluy.onion/ – PayPal Bazaar – Buy an PayPal account. One of the older websites.
http://hcutffpecnc44vef.onion/ – Cash Machine – Phished PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, BoA, Wells fargo bank Accounts, Paysafecard’s, US & EU Credit cards are available here.

Marketplace on TOR

Buy Drugs, Guns, or anything other you can possibly imagine (you can only access these through TOR browser)

http://x3uxnzromi674vvc.onion/ – Wonderland – Buy drugs such as Marijuana, Ketamine,Mushrooms – NO Heroin or other drugs that destroy lives, only the good ones. – Featured

http://nucleuspf3izq7o6.onion/ – NUCLEUS Market (WARNING: Nucleus Market Disappears)
http://6w6vcynl6dumn67c.onion/ – Tor Market Board –
http://ffzone4ry6efpqj3.onion/ – FFZ Market (multilingual)

Anonymous Marketplace Forums
http://wvk32thojln4gpp4.onion/ – Project Evil
http://5mvm7cg6bgklfjtp.onion/ – Discounted electronics goods
http://lw4ipk5choakk5ze.onion/raw/evbLewgkDSVkifzv8zAo/ – Unfriendlysolution – Legit hitman service
http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/torgirls.html – Tor Girls
http://tuu66yxvrnn3of7l.onion/ – UK Guns and Ammo
http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/torguns.htm – Used Tor Guns
http://ucx7bkbi2dtia36r.onion/ – Amazon Business
http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/tor.html – Tor Technology
http://hbetshipq5yhhrsd.onion/ – Hidden BetCoin
http://cstoreav7i44h2lr.onion/ – CStore Carded Store
http://tfwdi3izigxllure.onion/ – Apples 4 Bitcoin
http://e2qizoerj4d6ldif.onion/ – Carded Store
http://jvrnuue4bvbftiby.onion/ – Data-Bay
http://bgkitnugq5ef2cpi.onion/ – Hackintosh
http://vlp4uw5ui22ljlg7.onion/ – EuroArms
http://b4vqxw2j36wf2bqa.onion/ – Advantage Products
http://ybp4oezfhk24hxmb.onion/ – Hitman Network
http://mts7hqqqeogujc5e.onion/ – Marianic Technology Services
http://mobil7rab6nuf7vx.onion/ – Mobile Store
http://54flq67kqr5wvjqf.onion/ – MSR Shop
http://yth5q7zdmqlycbcz.onion/ – Old Man Fixer’s Fixing Services
http://matrixtxri745dfw.onion/neo/uploads/MATRIXtxri745dfwONION_130827231336IPA_pc.png – PC Shop
http://storegsq3o5mfxiz.onion/ – Samsung StorE
http://sheep5u64fi457aw.onion/ – Sheep Marketplace
http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/betcoin.htm – Tor BetCoin
http://qizriixqwmeq4p5b.onion/ – Tor Web Developer
http://vfqnd6mieccqyiit.onion/ – UK Passports

http://tgye2ydgfegmhxug.onion/?drm=2 – America’s Fake ID Store

http://xfnwyig7olypdq5r.onion/ – USA Citizenship
http://uybu3melulmoljnd.onion/ – iLike Help Guy

http://wl3fg55e2j5ve7nv.onion/ – Professional Assassination Services. Wife, Husband, Boss. BITCOIN ONLY.

http://dbmv53j45pcv534x.onion/ – Network Consulting and Software Development
http://lw4ipk5choakk5ze.onion/raw/4585/ – Quick Solution (Hitman)
http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/tynermsr.htm – Tyner MSR Store
Marketplace Drugs
http://rso4hutlefirefqp.onion/ – EuCanna – Medical Grade Cannabis Buds, Rick Simpson Oil, Ointments and Creams
http://newpdsuslmzqazvr.onion/ – Peoples Drug Store – The Darkweb’s Best Online Drug Supplier!
http://smoker32pk4qt3mx.onion/ – Smokeables – Finest Organic Cannabis shipped from the USA
http://fzqnrlcvhkgbdwx5.onion/ – CannabisUK – UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier (REPORTED AS A SCAM, BEWARE)
http://kbvbh4kdddiha2ht.onion/ – DeDope – German Weed and Hash shop. (Bitcoin)
http://s5q54hfww56ov2xc.onion/ – BitPharma – EU vendor for cocaine, speed, mdma, psychedelics and subscriptions
http://ll6lardicrvrljvq.onion/ – Brainmagic – Best psychedelics on the darknet
http://25ffhnaechrbzwf3.onion/ – NLGrowers – Coffee Shop grade Cannabis from the netherlands
http://fec33nz6mhzd54zj.onion/index.php – Black Market Reloaded Forums
http://atlmlxbk2mbupwgr.onion/ – Atlantis Marketplace Forums
http://atlantisrky4es5q.onion/ – Atlantis Marketplace
http://4yjes6zfucnh7vcj.onion/ – Drug Market
http://k4btcoezc5tlxyaf.onion/ – Kamagra for BitCoins
http://5onwnspjvuk7cwvk.onion/ – Black Market Reloaded

Hosting Services

Host your own onion site on TOR (you can only access these through TOR browser)

http://hosting6iar5zo7c.onion/Web Hosting – PHP5, MySQL, SFTP Access, .onion Domain. 24 hours free hosting.
http://shopsat2dotfotbs.onion/ – Get your own .onion store with full bitcoin integration.
http://ejz7kqoryhqwosbk.onion/ – Host and sell your original pictures for Bitcoins.
http://libertygb2nyeyay.onion/ Liberty’s Hackers – Service and Hosting Provider in onionland – php5/mysql support – request considered on a case by case. site in construction since a lot of time but services working
http://cyruservvvklto2l.onion/ CYRUSERV – Hosting service with an emphasis on security, with many features. ([ clearnet])
http://3fnhfsfc2bpzdste.onion/ Onionweb filehosting – Filehosting service. 100MB upload limit, no illegal files allowed.
http://torvps7kzis5ujfz.onion/ TorVPS Shells — Free torified shell accounts, can be used for .onion hosting, IRC, etc.
http://fuckyouhonelhd66.onion/ Fuck You Hosting Completely free hosting service for onion websites
http://prometh5th5t5rfd.onion/ Prometheus_Hidden_Services – Payed hosting, provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Linux
http://imagexutrag65hxl.onion/ Image Hosting – Free image hosting site, anything goes
http://fhostingesps6bly.onion/ Freedom Hosting II – Anonymous Freehosting with PHP/MySQL Support
http://ocun3jhbmhvqwggn.onion/new/ Free imageboard – apply here for free board on this forum, with basic janitor priveleges
http://nt4f7fzcjoe3f5aj.onion/ darknet design — web design (HTML, CSS, PHP) plus graphics design and a few other things. price depends on what you want.


Hear the darknet voices (you can only access these through TOR browser)

http://2r2tz6wzqn7gaji7.onion/ – A Middle East news provider, multiple languages.
http://mfgslmsj4ouxfp57.onion/ – Anonymous Blog where anyone can publish and discuss any topic.
http://yoaqaryln7ncuvmz.onion/ – Previously known as TorBox

Forums & Chans

Social (you can only access these through TOR browser)

http://blkbook3fxhcsn3u.onion/ – BlackBook
https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/ – The real Facebook’s Onion domain. Claim not to keep logs. Wouldn’t trust them.

Email & Messaging

Private TOR email hostings, and other messaging services (you can only access these through TOR browser)

http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/ – Sigaint, Darknet email service that allows you to send and receive email without revealing your location or identity.
http://mailtoralnhyol5v.onion/ – Free account (webmail, smtp, pop3 and imap access).


Politics on TOR (you can only access these through TOR browser)

http://pyl7a4ccwgpxm6rd.onion/ – CODE:GREEN – Ethical Hacktivism for better world


Torrents and other such stuff on TOR (you can only access these through TOR browser)

Erotica (18+)

Erotica on TOR (you can only access these through TOR browser)

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