Making Money Uploading Torrents

You probably wondered how torrent uploaders make their money. Nobody is doing anything in the new age for free, especially not uploading pirated movies tv shows.

So here’s couple of ideas how to do it…

1. Affiliate Marketing
In order to get started with the process you will require a Program which is affiliated, articles on specific niche, URL shortener and software which allows word files to be converted into PDF. Now when you have all the requirements handy, then the first thing that you need to accomplish is the creation of the eBook. Then, the front cover is required and once you are done with that you will have to select a product that you want to promote. Last but not the least, placing the affiliate link at the right position that is in the beginning of the eBook and at the end of the eBook. When you do this ensure that your affiliate entertains torrent’s traffic.

2. Pay per Download
You can make use of this process to make money by uploading torrents. You can upload a movie to as many torrent sites you want as it will give you a huge opening thus increasing the chances of download as well. You have to be very patient when you are doing so because there is no quick and easy way of making money through this. If you want to make money you have to work hard enough and that is the reason the number of uploads you make the number of downloads you can achieve increased your income.

3. 3rd Party Platforms
When you are trying to make money by uploading torrents, then you can use this method also. For this you require some help from YouTube and blogging as well. You can upload torrent of the software on a site which has an upload limit of say 200 MB maximum. Once you are done with the uploading process, you will have to promote it through YouTube and blogging more and more so that people are aware of the torrent and download it to help you in earning money.

4. Torrent Tracker
Another sure shot way to make money by uploading torrents is to make use of the torrent and uploading it to some of the torrent trackers. In order to do this successfully, you will have to first research on what is trending on Torrents. Once you are done with your research you have to upload either the software or games or the applications in the rar format or in the zip format. You have to keep your trailer password protected and when they will try to open that, they will be asked to visit the site to download password. When they download the password from there you will be getting paid for that. Depending on the number of downloads you will be able to earn money per day.

People, such as guys from have made this job very easy with their SaaS service – for uploading torrents. Now everybody can start uploading torrents, you don’t need your own software, the servers, seedboxes or nothing else. That’s how easy it became.

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