Ashley Madison Database Made Available

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Most of you heard about AshleyMadison hack. Basically dozens of millions of users got exposed for cheating on their partners. The onion site http://cndezd67wnjzg37t.onion/ got a hold of the database and made it available on their servers … for a price.

$10 bucks or 0.0650 Bitcoins to check if a email address, full name or username is in the database.

$70 bucks or 0.3467 Bitcoins to extract the full profile information from the database and make it available in human readable form (on the web + screenshots)

You must use TOR browser to access this URL, so head to Tor Project web site and download it. After that – you can navigate to http://cndezd67wnjzg37t.onion/ and do a search on EMAIL, Username or First/Last name combination.

Hope everything works out for you.

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