Android Security Woes

Lately Android is really getting plagued by all the (potential) security bugs that are being discovered in it.

One must ask himself a question, is google just being lazy or is this some intentional plot to allow NSA and others to still gain access to users phones (read the security description below) ?

Generally google is “running a tight ship” when it comes to technology. Every software that they have written is stable, fast, effective, secure and just makes sense (compared to software written by companies such as Microsoft).

This is one of the reasons of Google’s success. Search engine with a search bar and a “search” button that return result in a fraction of a second, in late 1990’s, was a big thing and google gained popularity so fast that 10 years later it became one of the biggest companies in the world.

Ok, so … listen to this.

“The first involves the update Google released last week fixing a flaw that allowed attackers to execute malicious code on an estimated 950 million phones with nothing more than a maliciously crafted text message. Seven days later, security researchers are reporting that the patch, which has been in Google’s possession since April, is so flawed that attackers can exploit the vulnerability anyway.”

… and then to icing on a cake …

“The patch is 4 lines of code and was (presumably) reviewed by Google engineers prior to shipping,” Jordan Gruskovnjak and Aaron Portnoy, who are researchers with security firm Exodus Intelligence, wrote in a blog post published Thursday. “The public at large believes the current patch protects them when it in fact does not.”

900 million users. And what does google do ? They hold on with a patch (they knew about the bug in April and didn’t patch it intentionally, obviously) and when shit hit the fan, they released a BROKEN (?!?) patch. Remember we’re talking about google here, not Microsoft. Obviously, something is up. Either google became too incompetent to fix bugs or there’s some other not so innocent reason.

In any case people, remember.. we’re living in a age in which privacy and anonymity are slowly disappearing. Don’t trust anyone, especially not companies, no matter the reputation.

If you have a phone (does not matter which OS it uses), keep the data you don’t want to be seen by anyone(such as banking info, etc) off from it, and always be aware that you are probably being tracked by somebody.

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