How to buy drugs or other illegal things on TOR

First of all, you need TOR browser. Tor browser has it all bundled, you just download and install it.. that’s all. Instead of your normal browser – use tor browser, and you’ll be able to access all hidden tor links.

If you want to buy drugs or other illegal stuff, that’s your business. I’m not condoning or encouraging that kind of behavior, but I also know that when people want something – they gonna do it, so here you go.

Step 1. Download and Install TOR Browser from this page

Step 2. Launch the TOR browser, it will connect to TOR network

Step 3. Open

Step 4. Choose the market place, that you think has what you need.

Step 5. Add to Cart / Purchase

(payment is always done in bitcoins to preserve anonymity of both you the buyer and the seller), to our knowledge. Some markets may use some other payment methods.

If you going to do drugs, at least do them responsibly. We are not anti drugs, but we are anti drug abuse. Drugs can be useful if used with responsibility and care, but it can be highly harmful if you abuse them. Always be mindful and aware of what you’re doing. Same applies to alcohol and other things in life.

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