How to buy/sell using bitcoin

Bitcoin might appear complicated to beginners, but it’s actually quite easy. Learn how to buy/sell using bitcoins.

Buying something using bitcoins
1. Open an account (get a wallet)

I was always using as a “wallet”.

There are basically 2 options. You can use your own computer to store your wallet (download the app) or you can use online services like mentioned above. I suggest, at least if you’re still not experienced enough, to use It’s very simple.

2. Purchase bitcoins using your local currency

After you open your wallet on, you need to get some bitcoins on it.

Using sites such as LocalBitcoins you can purchase the bitcoins safely.

The procedure is, find a seller… send him the money, he’ll send you the same amount in bitcoins. The procedure is quite safe, as it’s usually bank transfers that are involved when purchasing bitcoins, so you can easily find out who scammed you, if it happens.

Generally scams doesn’t happen. You can avoid scammers by checking rating of each bitcoin seller before doing business with them

3. Send bitcoins to the seller