What is TOR, and how to access it’s hidden onion links

What is TOR?

Tor is free software for enabling anonymous communication. This is the summary.

Tor (you can download it from here) is basically a browser, modified Mozilla Firefox, that routes your traffic through tor network, effectively masking your IP, permanently. TOR also provides anonymity (so you cannot be tracked by AD networks, and various other advertising corporations) by masquerading your browser fingerprint. Every browser has a unique fingerprint that can precisely identify individual users.

On TOR, there are also hidden/onion TOR websites, that are not visible from the “normal” internet. These URLs are completely anonymous and their owners are unknown.

How to access hidden/onion TOR LINKS ?

Basically, after connecting (by using a tor browser) to tor, you need some kind of directory of TOR links. That’s what we’re going to provide for you. Our database of TOR links is being regularly updated and indexed for our readers, by our readers. You can choose to participate yourself, and submit a URL through our URL Submission System, or just enjoy reading our BLOG and USING tor.

Click here to see the TOR links, organized by categories

We’re also giving Free VPN access, however we urge you to consider donating. We donate VPN access and bandwidth to TOR project. Consider giving something back, if u can.

The FBI can now “legally” hack TOR users

Previously, under the Rule 41, magistrate judges could not approve search warrants to remotely hack or access computers outside their jurisdiction. But with the rule change, magistrate judges could now issue orders to search or seize computers and electronic devices outside their local authority if the target’s location is unknown…

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